The Slow Internet

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I’ve been rather bad at getting on things, my server Geomyidae was at the end of it’s life span and it was time to get the VM shutdown.

To be fair, I hadn’t done many updates to for some time at this point and the content was getting old. The other problem with this is that it’s not on the same machine as I run my main blog or any of the other sites where I have a copy of Logarion installed.

En brief, moving content is time consuming nonsense that makes me less likely to actually do a thing, then I neglect that thing. This is why I’ve made a bigger effort to integrate things, like the BBS with, local and external NNTP servers on Leafnode, etc.

Then I was struck by lightening, I watched a video about the Gemini Protocol, I tried a few servers to get up and running, didn’t really feel them much or just didn’t get them working.

Until that is GeGoBi got on my radar, you see it uses the existing structure and content from Gophernicus, which when you’re on the market for a new gopher server is just the right thing.

So I got this bad boy running and oh boy does it work, I like the feel a bit better of Gophernicus and as I dip my fingers more in to Gemini, I actually quite like it. In fact, I seem to like it so much that I went and found a friend at

Granted I need to streamline the main section, since that’s shared with Gopher and Gemini protocols, one looks better on the main menu, the other far from. But when you get in to the Gemini specific bits then it goes all better again.

I’m not sure how terribly I wrote this post since I’m rather tired now from being up all night click clacking away at my text servers.